ID CARD NOW - One stop for all your ID card needs

ID CARD NOW - One stop for all your ID card needs

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Id card now, the emerging id card company in the US. With innovation as their strength, security for students and corporation as their goal and building systems to save money and time for education as their vision, ‘ID card now’ has pulled up its sleeves to make the most elegant, professional, unique and best looking id cards in the industry. With school season fast approaching, the demand for – 

• school id cards

• Student professional id cards has sky rocketed.

And the need for quality in the products in fast forwarding-tech-savvy world has never been like this before. ‘Id card now’ has understood the fact and has from then committed to provide its customers with-

• High quality

• Professionally designed

• Highly sturdy

• Cost effective and 

• Unique id cards to its customers.

School id cards/student professional id cards:

Id card now, with its state of the art machinery, highly professional and motivated employee base And keeping in mind the safety and security of the student community, the company will never ever compromise on its quality of services and products to their customers-which include-

• Quality: Vision driven; top class.

• Design: professionally made.

• Elegance: Best in the industry.

• Uniqueness: At their innovative best.

• Toughness: can take it all.

Design your own: Coolest feature!

Design your own, is the innovative tool exclusively created to let users to design, edit and save their own id cards in the predetermined templates provided by the company. This tool is robust, user friendly, fun to use and elegant in structure and has become one of the trump cards for the company to keep visitors hooked on to their screens and design their own id cards to meet their needs.

What else do they offer?

This visionary and innovative industry offers varied sets of cards to meet all of your needs

• Hospital id cards.

• Corporate id cards

• Custom id cards

• Employee id cards are few of the lot they are specialized in.

Their products include cards intended for building access, security and safety as well.

• QR coded

• Proximity cards

• Bar coded

• RFID cards (Radio frequency identification) 

Cooler side of their products include wide variety of accessories such as badge clips, invisible magnetic clips, lanyards, clear badge sleeves and more.

Things to look out for:

• 24/7 expert customer service.

• Quality printing

• Best price in the market

• Quick delivery

So, id card now is arguably the best one stop destination for all the id card needs of yours. This fact marked by the owners own words-

“In id card now, we don’t just make good identification cards for you; we create a better identity for you!!”

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