ID Card Now - Customer Service - You Matter a lot to us

ID Card Now - Customer Service - You Matter a lot to us

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At ID card now, customer care and support is one of the primary set goals. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed to all our customers. We know the value of each and every customer. So, at ID card now, customers are not only assured of our high quality products, but also enjoy great care and importance within our company.

For us, customer service is not just about helping you with your queries and answering your questions. ID card now’s customer service also means “valuing each buck you pay us, making sure the money is spent the best way possible in the just manner possible.”

At ID card now, we value you, we value your money and we value your need. Our employees are driven to help you with your needs and meet your demands in the most efficient and economical way.

Our customer service representatives are there to help you out with your needs, 24/7. Dedicated employee base and vision driven customer service make sure that no customer of ours goes home without a smile on the face. We guarantee great customer support. Always!

With ID cards now innovative card making technology, expert employee base, great value for money and most efficient customer service in the business, there is no better place to be for all your card needs.


At ID card now-

We don’t just make better identity cards for you; we make a great identity for you.


So, now you have got enough reasons why ID card now is the best ID card Company in the business.



We are an industry leader in providing unique, professional and highly innovative cards and other accessories for all your needs.

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