ID Cards For Students - College - University - Institutes

ID Cards For Students - College - University - Institutes

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Are you running an educational institution and looking to provide best ID cards for your students? Are you one among the 1000s of parents concerned about your child’s safety? Do you want to provide them with world class ID cards which are light on your pockets as well?? Or are you a college student looking for cooler ID cards to flaunt among your pals? Then you are looking for ID card now.

ID card now, the industry’s best ID card providing company. With innovative approach, best in class technology and the most reasonable payment options, ID card now is the one stop destination for all your ID card needs. In ID card now, building systems to save time and money for better education to the students is given the highest priority.

Education has always been one of most important systems of any economy. With the world turning into a competitive sport, education, for many people is the only way for a better living. In the US itself, 49.8 million students have enrolled for the academic year 2012-13, with education budget touching 600 billion for the year; the importance of education can be estimated with the astounding figures itself.

But, in the present world, education system is not only expected to provide good quality education but also to meet the standards to provide better security for the students. And the latter part is where, we, ID card now turn up. With a vision to provide systems to safeguard student community, we are doing our part to make sure that the schools are safer than ever. With our ID cards for students, building access cards, RFID and many more, schools can again become the havens for education and learning.

We believe that “Innovation is always beautiful and Innovation has always been successful” while we manufacture the most innovative ID cards for students to suite your needs. State of the art technology, highly efficient employee base and a motivated customer service, we provide the industry’s best, most elegant and most unique ID cards for students. If one is looking for cooler and funky type of cards, we have those too.

Light on your pockets to save your hard earned money, great value for your needs and 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed with ID card now.

ID cards for students being just a drop in the ocean, we also provide best cards for employees, corporate houses, hospitals and many more identity related and safety related cards for you and your organizations.

At ID card now,

We don’t just make good identification cards for you; we make a better identity for you.”

Join us to taste innovation, to experience the technology and to see your needs met by our best services in the industry.




We are an industry leader in providing unique, professional and highly innovative cards and other accessories.

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