Safe and Secured ID Card Printing

Safe and Secured ID Card Printing

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Stakes are high, dreams are huge and with a world moving at unimaginable pace the need for a unique identity among this 6 billion people has been higher than ever.

With identity thefts on a rise, our identity has been hit by crisis we never foresaw. One transaction out of every 40000 transactions is a fraud which is accounting to millions of dollars each year is not something to neglect. And the worst thing is that we never know when our dollar features in that millions .Every single aspect of our life is now depending on the need for the unique identity which is safe, secure and reliable, unique and more importantly cost effective.

This need for advancement in providing effective identity has been focused by our company “ID CARD NOW” which has understood the sheer scale of the necessity and has come up with most innovative technology for giving you the best identification cards in the market.

With us, your identity is safe and secure as we have not compromised in providing quality service to the public.

ID CARD NOW, proudly provides the industry’s most elegant, unique, innovative and highly professional identity cards for you and your organizations. Our state of the art technology with theft free mechanism means that you can use your cards without a speck of hesitation about the safety of your hard earned money.

Our Barcodes, RFID, Proximity cards and QR codes you name it, gives the card users the added edge to be technologically equipped to face the ever changing world demands. Your companies, schools and corporations are always safe and secure with the school ids, corporate ids and employee ids we provide you which are not only robust and elegant but also technology packed.

“Innovation has always been beautiful, and innovation will always be successful”- this is what we believe in our organization. If you are looking for more innovative and cooler stuff, there are there too. Badge clips, invisible magnetic clips, lanyards etc makes sure that all your needs are fulfilled at one go.

So, to be technologically ahead in this turbulent world, to secure you and your organizations, to make sure you spend the money the safest way be a part of us, be a part of “ID CARD NOW.”

The change has come; the innovation in the ID CARD making has risen.

So be a part of the change to make this world a safer place for all of us. Be a part of ID CARD NOW.


We don’t just make better identity cards for you; we make a great identity for you.”

Hang on for more!! The best is yet to come.



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